Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why should we Democrats be thankful for George W. Bush?

Thanks for being our president, George. The Republicans stole the election for you, and with a commanding majority in both the House and the Senate, you were in the position to make all of Ronald Reagan's dreams come true.

If the votes had been counted properly in accordance with Florida state law, Gore would have been president. What would have happened with Gore in the White House? 9/11 may or may not have happened - though there's a significant chance he would have paid more attention to his daily intel briefings than you have done (and would have listened to the CIA and insisted that the facts should determine the policy, rather than your habit of demanding that policy must determine the facts).

Even if 9/11 had occurred (and we would probably gone into Afghanistan anyway), Gore would certainly not have invaded Iraq (to the ongoing tune of 12 BILLION dollars per month). Gore also would not have fired attorneys general for not (wrongly) indicting Democratic candidates and for (rightly) indicting Republicans (and thus making the Justice Department a subsection of the Republican party). Gore would have LISTENED to the attorneys general of ALL fifty states in 2003 when they sent a letter to the president to tell him that something needed to be done to regulate the housing market because of the plethora of predatory lending. Gore would NOT have sanctioned torture, and he would NOT have sanctioned the arrest and imprisonment of American citizens WITHOUT charges or even legal representation.

Sounds like America would've been a lot better off, huh? But look at the flip side.

Thanks to you, Mr. Bush, most of America - and most importantly, the YOUTH of America - can see the Neo-Cons for what they are.

Thanks to you, Mr. Bush, it is likely that the Democrats will hold the House, the Senate, and the Presidency as of January 20th, 2009...and we'll be in a position to push through legislation that Gore would never have been able to do without such congressional support.

Thanks to you, Mr. Bush, it looks like we will probably elect not just a mixed-race president, but one with a Middle-Eastern name, whose middle name he shares with the guy who you deposed in Iraq!

In other words, Mr. Bush, thanks to your bungling, you've given America the chance to show the world that even from such as you, we can rise once more to be a great nation that follows the rule of law and the tenets of morality.

Thank you, George W. Bush.

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