Friday, May 23, 2008

Where is the Republican outrage?

Where, indeed? The Republican party has long been the self-proclaimed bastion of "doing what's right", of support for the troops, of patriotism.

But we have a president who now admits his invasion of Iraq was due to faulty intel, but when he was told by reliable personnel in the CIA that the intel was questionable at best, he either ignored them or ruined their careers. So it was Bush's lack of judgment - and his refusal to listen to the CIA - that resulted in the Iraq war and the deaths of over 4,000 servicemembers.

Can one imagine what the Republicans would have been doing if a Democratic president had done the same thing? They'd be howling for his head nonstop until he was removed from office and prosecuted. But it's a Republican president, so what has been their reaction? What I keep hearing from conservatives almost always falls along the line of "Well, he's just corrupt and all politicians are corrupt." No outrage at 4,000 dead and tens of thousands of wounded servicemembers.

Remember when Bush claimed he'd prosecute whoever it was that leaked CIA agent Valerie Plame's name to the press? When it came out that Vice President Cheney had first-hand knowledge of it, did Bush (who also seems to have known about it all along) do anything at all? No. Was it only Mrs. Plame's career that was ended? No. It also exposed the ENTIRE CIA network of which she was a part. Dozens of CIA agents, their fronts, and their associates HAD to have been exposed. Again, WHERE is the Republican outrage?

The Republicans, instead of demanding justice for the dead and wounded military, and for the injury done to the CIA's operations that are ESSENTIAL to American security, are strangely silent.

These, surely, are among the greatest hypocrisies I know of in history. It's not the worst...but then this blog is not about religion.

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