Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Senator Obama an 'appeaser'?

The Cons want to call him an 'appeaser' because he says he'd have no problem meeting with the leaders of nations that desire our destruction.

Hm. Didn't the Soviet Union want to destroy us? "We will bury you!" That's what Khrushchev said...but Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I all met with them. And then there's North Korea, which we went to war with and is officially 'at war' with our close ally South Korea...yet Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were willing to talk with them.

But if Obama wants to talk to Iran, that's appeasement!

I pointed this out to a conservative on, and he said the difference lay in the amount of experience the above Republicans had compared to Obama. I wonder at the value of such experience when they led to the great political scandals of our generation: Watergate, Iran-Contra, the firing of the nine Attorneys General, the Iraq War, and the unlawful imprisonment and torture of prisoners of war. There's more than that, but didja notice that Bush II has more major scandals and corruption than all the other presidents since the Korean war combined?

And the Cons' great complaint about Clinton? Monica. His extramarital sex was somehow more offensive to them than anything Bush II has done...and it is somehow a non-issue that some of the same ones who were most vitriolic in their invective against Clinton were also having a little on the side themselves.

Oh yeah, I forgot - Hillary's supposed to be the 'anti-Christ' too. So said CNN's Glenn Beck. And then Don Imus said she was 'satan'. He also called her fat, ugly, and a 'buck-toothed witch', too, which makes me wonder if he's ever looked in the mirror.

But I forget myself - this was supposed to be about Obama and his 'appeasement'. So the Cons want to label Obama an 'appeaser' like Neville Chamberlain, the most famous 'appeaser' in history. Let's take a quick look at ol' Neville: he was experienced (20-odd years in different political offices), he despised England's Labour Party (which is roughly analogous to our own Democratic Party), and he was (gasp!) a Conservative!

And Obama? He's a tall, skinny junior congressman from Illinois who happens to wield good judgment...and you know what? There was one other tall, skinny junior congressman from Illinois who happened to wield good judgment. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

That doesn't mean Obama is another Lincoln...but I feel I can safely say he'll be no Bush (or McCain (same thing)).

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