Monday, August 11, 2008

Are African-Americans racist for supporting Obama?

The emotions of the blacks who support Obama because of his race is really NO different from the emotions of the WOMEN who wanted to vote for Hillary. Are all those women sexist, then? By your definition, they would be.

When one has been downtrodden and degraded and given less opportunity for most of his life because of his color or gender…or his religion, his family background, what part of the country he lived in, his hair color, his accent, his disability, WHATEVER IT MAY BE that makes him different from the majority, it becomes VERY difficult not to root for, support, and vote for someone like oneself.

Why did the evangelicals support the Republican candidates so strongly until recently? “He’s one of us!”
Women supported Hillary - “She’s one of us!”
Arkansas supported Bill Clinton - “He’s one of us!”
Catholics supported Kennedy - “He’s one of us!”
Austrians supported Arnold Scwarznegger - “He’s one of us!”

And it’s not just in politics -

Louisianans rooting for Green Bay - “Brett Favre’s one of us!”
Americans rooting for the Chinese Olympic basketball team against any other country but the U.S. - “Yao Ming’s one of us!”

You get my point. You may not publicly agree with me,but you DO get my point.

We are in a REPRESENTATIVE democracy, ,kctim, where ONE VOTES FOR WHOMEVER ONE FEELS WILL BEST REPRESENT ONESELF - and the desire for that representation often goes beyond frankly simplistic political beliefs.

Truly, who represents blacks in America better - McCain? Or Obama?

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