Monday, April 21, 2008

America - FORTY-FIFTH on list of life expectancy.

This is the single most shameful fact that the Conservative elite don't want America to know: on the list of life expectancy, America - which spends more on health care per capita than any other country in the world, is forty-fifth! That's lower than Jordan. That's even lower than Bosnia-Herzegovina, for Pete's sake!

And you know what? The Cons say we can't have Universal Health Care because it would 'bankrupt America'. After all, we're nearly spending 16% of our GDP on health care. Funny thing is, Germany - which has the world's oldest Universal Health Care system (since 1883), spends only 10.7% of their GDP on health care. Singapore's world-class UHC system only uses 3% of their GDP.

A majority of American doctors support UHC (even though I suspect most would stand to lose money in such a system). Nursing unions support UHC. Americans as a whole support UHC by a 2-1 margin. Even a slight majority of Republicans want UHC!

Who doesn't want UHC? It's the HMO's and the insurance companies...and the Republican candidates they bankroll. That's really, truly sad.

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